Anastasia Romanov - The Lost Princess


Was Anastasia Romanov real? Well the answer is yes! On the top left are pictures of the young Real Anastasia and on the top right the Anastasia from the movie. Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov was the youngest daughter of the Royal Romanov family. She became the centerpiece of a world-famous mystery that would have thrilled the real Anastasia.
The Tsar's youngest daughter knew how to have fun. She was spunky, carefree, a rebel without a cause, and impish! Her nickname was "shvibzik", Russian for imp. She was very wild and was thought to be the family joker. Always making practical jokes, mimicing her sisters, criticizing, etc. But sometimes Anastasia's practical jokes went to far. One time Anastasia was teasing so ruthlessly that she slapped a little girl across the face that made her face turn crimson! Another time, Tatiana made Anastasia so mad that she rolled a rock into a snowball and threw it at Tatiana. The rock hit her sister in the face and knocked her to the ground.She would try in every way possible avoid the classroom! She would literally climb trees just to stay away from school, and would not come down unless ordered to by her father. She liked wearing Violette perfume, playing balalaika with her brother, playing her record player, sitting in the sun, playin with her dogs Jimmy and Shvybzik, and loitering in her father's bathtub. She was very close to her father, younger brother Alexis, and her grandmama Empress Marie. The family's troubles overtook Anastasia's teen years.

When the family was told to hide in Siberia, on account that the Revolutionists were after them, 6 months later they asked the Romanovs to hurry to the basement to take their portraits before heading to Paris to meet with Nicholas' mother (Anastasia's grandma). But, it was a trick! Soon 11 Bosheviks soldiers were shooting at the family. Nicholas and Alexandra died quickly, but the princesses, still alive, were stabbed, after being shot. After the family's murder several women appeared claiming they were Anastasia. All were proven false, including Anna Anderson , the most famous imposter. To this day Anastasia remains a name of mystery. Historians believe that Anastasia might have not died at all! Some say one of the soldiers took pity on Anastasia and dragged her out of the basement and Anastasia, unconsious, might have moved on with her life. Others say they burned her body along with that of her younger brother.We might not really know what happened in fact we might never know ...what happened to Anastasia Romanov.

Few things people don't know about Anastasia!

There's a few things people don't know about Anastasia and pasts unnoticed! For example, did you know that when Anastasia was 16 she began to smoke secretly? Yes! With Russia's hard times and revolts becoming constant and the tsar's popularity decreasing, Anastasia became nervous and tense which led her to smoke when she became stressed. She would take a walk in the garden and smoke cigarettes without her parents knowing. Sometimes Olga would join her.

Quick parts of the movie that was real in Anastasia Romanov's Life
The part about the musical box as a gift from Empress Marie? 
"No, Anastasia's fondest gift from her grandmama was a French porcelain doll.But, i just found out there was a oval jewelry box like in the movie but it still wasnt Anya's fondest gift. The music box from "Anastasia" is modeled after a Faberge egg that in 1885 Alexander III purchased for his wife, Empress Marie! Establishing a Romanov tradition of giving the eggs at Eastertime. It was made of gold, jewels, and the eggs hinged lids when opened it would have a mechanical bird, minature ship, or a ballerina twirling.On the right are true Romanov music box!"
The picture young Anastasia drew of a doll sitting on a chair?
"Yes, the picture was painted by Anastasia with watercolors and was a gift for her father.On the right are the true picture painted by Anastasia!"
The part about Rasputin coming to the palace and cursing the Romanovs with death within a year or 2?
"Yes, before Rasputin died, he knew beforehand so he wrote a letter cursing the Romanovs!Read it on bottom! "

"I write and leave behind me this letter at St. Petersburg. I feel that I shall leave life before January 1...If I am killed by common assassins, and especially by my brothers the Russian peasants, you Tsar of Russia, have nothing to fear, remain on your throne and govern, and you, Russian Tsar, will have nothing to fear for your children, they will reign for hundreds of years in Russia...if it was your relations who have wrought my death, then no one in the family, that is to say, none of your children or relations, will remain alive for more than two
years. They will be killed by the Russian people...You must reflect and act prudently. Think of your safety and tell your
relations that I have paid for them with my blood. I shall be killed.
I am no longer among the living."

Pray, pray, be strong,
think of your blessed family.

The part about the Revolutionists destroying the palace?
"Yes, they 1st destroyed the Alexander palace then came after the Romanovs in Siberia."
The part about a little servant boy helping Anastasia and Marie escape?
"No, totally untrue! Marie and Anastasia weren't even together when Anastasia was killed!"
The part of about Marie setting a reward for finding Anastasia?
"Yes, Marie set a 8 million dollar reward for retrieving her granddaughter Anastasia!"
The part about the Anastasia imposters and con-men?
"Yes, when Marie set the reward several young women trained by con-men, came to tryout and trick her."
The part about Anastasia being an Orphan and not knowing about her past?
"No, Anastasia died with her family together. And when Anastasia died she was 17 not 8."
The part about the Russian peasants selling Romanov items in a flea market?
"Yes, after they were killed the diggers undressed them and took their jewels and icons to resell them."

                                  Photo Comparisons

Comparison between Anastasia and Anna Anderson.Its a not.If you notice Anastasia on the left has thin lips, while Anderson has thick  upper lips and nose, while real Anastasia doesn't.

Comparison between two Alexis.Its not.The real Alexis has a light golden brown hair,while the cartoon Alexis has blonde hair.


    Comparison on two Vladimirs.Its not.If you notice they have opposite personality.


                         Comparison on two maries.Its yes for the dress!

                              Comparison on two Nicholas's II.Its a yes!

Comparison on two Olgas and Tatianas.Its a no for tatianas and a yes for olgas.You can see tatianas hair is short in cartoon she has a long hair.

                      Comparison on two Pookas.Its a no on the comparison.

                  Comparison on two silly Anastasia.Its a yes on the comparasion!


                          Up to this day Historians still don't know 100% 
           what happened to Anastasia the youngest of the Romanov sisters.